Motorguide XI5 Pinpoint Gps Replacement Remote

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The Motorguide 8M0092071 wireless remote controls the Pinpoint GPS Navigation System. The remote can steer the boat in virtually any direction or hold it on a fixed GPS coordinate. Facilitating total control to the operator at his fingertips, Motorguide 8M0092071 takes precise control to a next level and it is used with Xi5 models.

8M0092071 Features:

Product # 8M0092071

  • Pinpoint GPS Replacement Remote
  • Remotely Controls Pinpoint GPS Navigation System
  • Can Steer Boat In Any Direction
  • Sets The Course Of Boat
  • For Use w/ Xi5 Models

Price: 169 AUD
Brand: Motor Guide
Model: Xi5 Pinpoint Gps Replacement Remote
Length: 0 Metres
Year: 2018
Category: Boat Parts and Accessories
Hull Type: Other
Power Type: Power
Condition: New
State: Queensland